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Since 2017, Milk and Butter Media continue to deliver the highest quality PR, Social Media and Marketing services. We know the importance of having a strong presence as a business so we combine the best strategies most suitable for your business so we can exceed your desired goal. 

Our strategy could include one, or multiple, services we offer - 

This may consist of a PR push to generate talking points with online and print media to their audience about your business, or utilising influencer marketing to create hype around the product or service on offer. 

Through social media management, we strive to ensure your business is reaching its maximum exposure by growing your social media channels with authentic followers across all platforms. We generate the best results through eye catching images, strategic planning and management, engagement with your audience and influencer networking.

Additionally, web creation establishes your brand identity and is an essential platform to have to promote and sell your brand, product or service. This goes hand in hand with email marketing which encourages people to purchase and/or get educated on your business.

Traditional Marketing | Digital Marketing | Social Media Management | Public Relations | Web Design | Photography + Content | Creation Graphics Design | Brand Identity | Strategy Planning and Implementation | Email Marketing | Influencer Marketing | 1-1 Consulting




Bachelor Degree in Business & Commerce m. Marketing & Management.

With over 10 years’ experience spanning across social media management, influencer strategy, digital marketing, advertising and public relations – Elly provides an expertise and marketing strategy that is tailored to your business objectives.

Whether it be content creation, SEO copywriting, press releases, product launches, tailored social media plans or gaining coverage across digital and print publications – Elly specialises within the area of beauty and can take your brand and profile to the place it wants to be.

Elly has an exceptional understanding of consumer psychology, as well as brand identity and positioning. Having worked within some of Sydney’s most reputable PR & marketing agencies with high-end luxury beauty brands has allowed her to develop an incredible network within the industry including: media, influencers and key opinion leaders. It has also allowed her to develop an acute understanding of how to market and expand brand awareness for service-based beauty businesses and beauty products. Not simply on a national level, but taking it to an international reach. Together, Elly will work with you to find the most thoughtful, effective and authentic approach to telling your story and sharing it with audiences.

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